The Truth About Young Living, and My Decision.

So, let me start off by saying that, I am so thankful for a mother that looks out for me and has my best interest at heart. Even if it means doing the hard thing and telling me the truth, even when she knows she will get a bad reaction from me. Which is exactly what has happened the past few days as I have started Young Living. As I have been excitedly starting my business and using Young Living products, learning everything from their website, etc. I’ve been going completely full tilt into this. Well, my mom had questions about Young Living. That usually means that she does exhaustive research into every area of something. And she is very good at finding the truth. In her research, she found some very unexpected things about Young Living.

1. Gary Young , the founder and CEO of Young Living, is not a certified aroma-therapist or naturopathic physician as he claims. He got his certification from a fake university. He has had many law suits against him, has been arrested, and all in all has a very shady past.

Gary Young is a man who is uneducated and who has repeatedly falsified and exaggerated his credentials. He has been arrested at least twice for health fraud related charges. His inability to recognize his lack of training and the limits of his skills contributed to his own baby’s death. He purports to be a religious and god-fearing man, yet he assaulted his own family. His writings reveal a complete and utter lack of knowledge about even basic science, let alone a subject as complex as essential oils.
Read the information found here….

2. Young Living is not careful in their instruction of how to use essential oils. There is much misinformation going around, by untrained and uncertified distributors, that are promoting unsafe usage of the oils. Such as internal use, it really isn’t safe. Young himself is teaching unsafe usage. But it’s not surprise, he isn’t certified to teach anyone.

Read this article and learn more….

3. Young Living is an MLM company, and their prices are extremely inflated. There are other options out there that are a better price and better quality.

“The oils are drastically overpriced. Yes, good essential oils are going to cost more money, but in this case you are NOT paying for better quality. You are paying for layer upon layer of commissions for the reps and recruits.”

4. Young Living Oils really aren’t 100% pure as they claim. Tests have been done that have proven they are adulterated. And Young Living doesn’t want anyone to know.

These are the things that my mom has discovered, and I am so glad that she did before I went further down this road with Young Living.  She informed me and prompted me to do my own research, and I am thankful that she is looking out for me. I’ve been awake into the small hours of the morning researching for myself. And now I know I can’t support Young Living.

I’m not saying that Young Living doesn’t sell good oils. These essential oils do work and they have helped many people. They just aren’t all that they are being marketed as. The trouble lies with the company itself. They are unethical and dishonest, and that is a good reason not to jump on the bandwagon.

For my part, I can’t in good conscience sell or promote anything from Young Living. I will not be a party to the dishonesty that it would require for me to remain a distributor.
I can’t tell my friends and family to join Young Living because, for the reasons I have given, it wouldn’t be morally correct for me to do so.

I need to apologize for not being as careful as I should have been and researching further into the company and the products before promoting them to all of you.
I wanted so much to have found a company and products that I could stand behind 100%. I wanted to help others and see them lead healthier, happier lives. And Young Living promised that I would. But, I see now that I was misled. I could have done a lot of harm. You were trusting me to know my stuff, and I didn’t. So I apologize sincerely.

Again, essential oils are amazing. And they have truly benefited so many people. Young Living oils have done so as well. They are still great products. And I am still fully supportive of essential oils, used safely and carefully by an informed understanding. I am going to learn more about them because I truly believe in their healing power. There are essential oils out there that are of good quality and are reasonably priced.
There are essential oils out there that are of good quality and are reasonably priced.

 You just have to look carefully and make an educated decision.

Does the “Perfect” Essential Oil Company Really Exist?

I have decided that I cannot back Young Living as a company or ask anyone else to do so. So I will not be a distributor for them, as much as I wish I could be.

I am thankful for my mom, for loving me and keeping me from harm. I’m thankful that she encouraged me to look deeper into, not only Young Living, but everything unknown. And not just to take something at face value. She is very wise, and she is teaching me to be wise by her example.

I encourage you, dear reader ,to look into essential oils and their benefits. Do your research, be careful, and enjoy the process of learning. I believe there is a lot to be said for essential oils, aromatherapy, etc.

To learn more about essential oils from a credible source, here is a link. Dr. Pappas is a very educated and certified doctor in the field of essential oils. He can be trusted.

10 Essential Oil Myths vs. Facts by Dr. Robert Pappas

Thank you for your time and understanding.


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